Belgian Waffles

Belgiun waffles on a plate

When one season turns to another, my thoughts turn to the new season's menu. For years, I've been haphazardly stowing away favorite recipes or putting the cookbook away, pages unmarked, only to frantically search for them when that season rolls around again. This is it. This is my place to organize and share favorite recipes that I return to year after year. This is also the place to share the new thrillers I gather along the way.

Growing up in the Upper Midwest, I've always looked forward to the changing of seasons. I'm usually ready for the next one; sometimes I'd like to linger a while longer in the fading season. Along with different colors and temperatures comes different foods. Each season has me longing for distinct flavors: hearty soups and stews in the winter, lighter meals and early grilling in the springtime, fresh berries and fried fish for summer, and lots of fresh vegetables for soups and casseroles in the fall.

With a little enthusiasm and an adventurous mindset, you can prepare anything you want from simple but delicious sandwiches to richly flavored stews to "ooh"-inspiring desserts. I hope you enjoy what you find here. Enjoy every meal.


From Cuisine at Home: defrost chicken in a bowl of cold, salted water in the refrigerator. It thaws and brines at the same time.

From Cuisine at Home: for extra-fluffy and flavorful scrambled eggs, use mayonnaise in eggs instead of milk. Add 1T mayo to 2 beaten eggs; whisk thoroughly.

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