Hello. I'm an experienced writer loading up on web development skills. The process of web design and front-end development is exciting and keeps me on my toes. I hand code HTML and CSS and utilize my communication skills to build appealing, usable, accessible and standards-compliant sites.

I've been busy with several projects including site development, site design, digital storytelling and writing. I love the "story" aspect of interactive pieces.



Digital Story with Eight Threads

Collaborated, wrote and designed. This is an interactive story about Little Red Riding Hood with eight threads. As a team of three, we determined our audience, story lines, and visual style. With a young audience in mind, we decided to use basic shapes of design—circle, triangle, square—to create each scene. I was responsible for writing the full narrative and collecting and editing sound. I also designed the title page and end pages.

Title page of Little Red Riding Hood


Dada Web Site

Designed and implemented. This was a fun project meant to be the start of an informative site. I appreciate the Dadaists and enjoyed implementing a little quirkiness to reflect the iconoclasts. The home page is a collection of images from the movement, the history page provides a brief introduction to who they were, and the today page reveals their influence through the decades with a rollover effect.

Dada web site

Web Content

Emerging Business Systems

Researched and wrote business collateral. Worked closely with staff to develop web and print materials to enhance the presence of small businesses in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Industries included manufacturing, construction, landscape, plumbing, geothermal, jewelry design, finance management, and more. Utilized keywords to ensure solid SEO for web content.

EBS home page


Artist's Site

Designed, coded and implemented. Worked closely with artist Nancy Hauger to develop a site that reflects her as an artist and presents her artwork in an way that is appealing and user friendly. Design considerations included target audience, site load speed, and update functionality. Optimized all professional images for the web and utilized a shadow box to enlarge images for improved viewing. Continue to update as needed.

Nancy Hauger home page


Lecture Series

Designed, coded and implemented. The Visual Communication and Design program at Tri–C (Cuyahoga Community College) hosts a monthly lecture series to bring together web industry professionals and students. The site presents information on coming events, archives of past events, and helpful links from speakers; it also promotes Tri–C's course offerings. Utilized Google Analytics to follow site's traffic. (No longer live.)

WebWorkWebWisdom home page


Nonprofit PAX: Peace for Animals

Collaborated, contributed heavily in card sorting, usability, wireframe design and standards compliance. PAX: Peace for Animals is a nonprofit pet food bank. I worked with a team from beginning to end: discovery phase, contract agreement, wireframe and site design, coding and acceptance. We met the client's needs by communicating clearly to a wide range of users: those in need, those who can donate money and goods, those who can volunteer.

PAX home page


Eat Me, Cleveland

Collaborated on concept, researched and wrote content, photographed locations and food. Eat Me, Cleveland is a site to visit when you ask yourself, Where should I go tonight? As a customized decision–making tool, it provides information about local restaurants in the Cleveland metropolitan area. The site comments on food, cost, clothes and event and has a map for locations. We also provide honest information regarding accessibility. All of this, and some attitude. (No longer live.)

Eat Me, Cleveland home page


Seasonal Fare

Designed and coded. Developed idea, created a persona, fleshed out site concept, took several photographs, and conducted informal user research. Having delicious seasonal recipes at your finger tips is the gist of this site. For me, each season calls for distinct foods: hearty stews in the winter, light meals and early grilling in the springtime, fresh berries and fried fish for summer, and lots of fresh vegetables for soups in the fall. This is a place to find tested recipes to fit each season.

Seasonal Fare home page


"Charlie's Morning"

Wrote, directed and edited. My first little film is about a boy who loves his free time. The bus is on the way, but he has other things on his mind. We had fun filming in the snow, but retakes weren't easy. Started by writing the script and creating a shot list; shot, digitized, added sound, edited, and exported. Now it's on Vimeo. Used Panasonic's DVX100.

Social Media

Online Marketing for Student Portfolio Show

Coordinated, wrote and implemented. Collaborated with graphic designers and web team to produce a consistent and appealing message. Utilized Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to add value to the design community while connecting portfolio students to a larger audience. Maintained a contact list; developed and sent e–blasts.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Eblast pages


Production Poster, Playbill and T-Shirt

Designed. Worked with play's director to ensure design was in keeping with original concept. Stepped away from traditional lighthearted fairies for Shakespeare's comedy, A Midsummer Night's Dream, by employing an ominous color palette, stark forest and a watchful eye.

Poster design


Book Cover

Designed. This is a cover for a book of nursery rhymes named Alphabet Soup. Notice no bowls of soup; the images are from the font "Alphabots" designed by Alicia Souza. The little guys are pretty fun and are intended to be used throughout the book to keep children (and their parents) engaged.

Book cover design